Water Treatment

ProSkill’s Proprietary Reverse Osmosis System

The Green Alkaline Series Reverse Osmosis System is designed to create refreshing purified water that is also healthy for the whole family, while using far less water than a normal system. Traditional Reverse Osmosis systems strip the incoming water of beneficial minerals, which makes the water acidic and tasteless. Acidic water has also been shown to have detrimental effects on your body and health. The Green Alkaline Series Reverse Osmosis system re-mineralizes the water by means of calcite filtration. The system comes with proprietary membrane technology. Additionally, the system uses far less water than a traditional system. With a product to waste water ratio of 1:1, it is up to eighty percent more efficient than a conventional system.
The ProSkill Professional Series Water Softener removes unwanted hardness and minerals from your incoming water, whether from municipal sources or private wells. Used alone or in conjunction with a backwashing carbon filter, this system can meet the most challenging water problems today. You can count on us at ProSkill for expert advice on which system is right for your household and water conditions. With proper system selection, you will optimize your savings in salt and water usage, while enjoying the best possible water quality.