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Preventive Replacement

Joe vs Bob



What's the Difference?


Let’s first look at the lifetime costs of an AC unit:

1. New A/C System Equipment and A/C Installation Cost

2. A/C Maintenance and A/C Repair

3. Energy cost to run the A/C System

The energy cost to run an AC unit in Arizona is often the greatest cost for a system over it’s lifetime. Luckily the Department of Energy has gathered the data and created the formulas to estimate these costs. The efficiency of an AC unit is based upon the SEER number. The higher the number, the more efficient the units and the lower its lifetime energy usage and cost. Over time the SEER number on an AC unit will degrade between 1-3% depending on the regular maintenance (or lack thereof) done on the unit. If you are interested in seeing the price of a new A/C system, click here for hassle-free online A/C pricing.



Let’s Find out what your AC unit could be costing you!

5 Year Estimated APS Cost


Don’t know what the original SEER rating of your AC unit was? See SEER number reference by year built below:

The older your AC unit is the more it will have degraded and the more energy it needs to maintain temperature. So we created a chart to help you find out which SEER number your AC is functioning at based on its age.

AC Units that are now 15 or more years old are excellent Candidates for replacement!


This is the difference between Joe and Bob. Joe has educated himself and understands that the high energy costs from an old AC unit can be redirected to upgrading to a new high efficiency AC unit.

Joe also understands that by doing a preventative replacement on his A/C system he can:

1. Choose the time when the AC gets replaced and take advantage of “Off- Season” promotions

2. Increase the value and marketability of his home.

3. Doesn’t have an A/C failure in the middle of summer and suffer because of that. A/C repairs can become costly very fast.

4. Can take the time and find which type of AC technology best fits his needs. 

5. After the A/C install takes place, Joe can enjoy the new quieter A/C systems.

6. Laugh at the weatherman in comfort when a heat wave strikes.



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