ProSkill Cares

What is ProSkill Cares?

Here at ProSkill Services, we have always enjoyed giving back to the community.  ProSkill Cares is an initiative to systematically support the communities and organizations that refer ProSkill Services to their Family, Friends & Neighbors. As a customer service driven company, our goal is to deliver a customer experience that matches our industry leading reputation. As a result, repeat and referral work is what provides the bulk of our daily work load. This results in fewer advertising dollars spent as compared to other business models.

On average, ProSkill spends 2% of its gross profit on Marketing to gain new customers and stay in front of current customers. What if, instead, that 2% was going straight to your preferred local charities? Read below to learn how your local charity can raise more money with the help of ProSkill Services.

Our strategy is to provide each charity with their own designated tracking phone number.

Family, Friends & Neighbors who use the designated phone number when booking a service through ProSkill will be a referral. Referrals apply to any Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing or Water Treatment service.

The provided phone number will be used in our business management software to accurately track the revenue generated from each referral.

Every service call that is booked through the charity’s provided phone number, ProSkill will donate 2% of the total revenue generated towards the charity.

Charities will receive ProSkill’s 2% donation quarterly throughout the year. Donation totals will be updated on a bi-weekly basis on our website. If you are a local charity and looking to expand your donations, please feel free to contact us at

Charity/Club Phone Number 2022 Total 2021 Total 2020 Total  Last Updated On
Trilogy Women's Club  (623) 207-9106 $51.22 $477.20 $1,023.32 11/9/22
BCHS Girls Soccer (623) 227-0906 $15.00 $256.81 $574.35 11/9/22
BCHS Boys Lacrosse (623) 232-2577 $0.00 $16.88 $57.08 11/9/22
BCHS Girls Volleyball (623) 244-1399  $5.72 $355.45 $659.07 11/9/22
Anthem Pets, Inc.  (623) 236-1566 $128.86 $8.54 $851.50 11/9/22
Harvest Compassion Center (623) 246-1055 $0.00 $0.98 $39.94 11/9/22
GoldRush Elite Cheer (623) 439-5414 $0.00 $5.98 $6.74 11/9/22
Anthem Blue Baseball  (623) 439-1500 $1.58 $45.42 $64.94 11/9/22
Sandra Day O'Connor Band (623) 259-4328 $62.99 $587.32 $92.97 11/9/22
Trilogy Veteran's Club (602) 649-5352 $455.30 $1081.83 $67.81 11/9/22
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