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A Plumber Is in the Process of Hydro Jetting a Plumbing System from Someone's Main Cleanout.

What Is Hydro Jetting and When Would I Need It?

Every homeowner is familiar with the hassle of slow drains or a clog that backs up your sink. Plumbing problems are not only a nuisance, but they can be a costly issue to fix – not to mention the time you spend on do-it-yourself solutions or half-measures.

If you’re dealing with constant clogs or slow drains, hydro jetting may be the solution. This method can tackle deep clogs that snaking can’t, and it blasts buildup off the interior walls of your pipes to resolve slow drains.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Wastewater travels from household drains and toilets into the public sewer system. These lines can get a lot of buildup from waste, debris, and scale, causing a deep clog. The bigger the clog gets, the more work it will be to fix.

Hydro jetting, also known as hydro flushing, uses highly pressurized water to clear deep clogs and remove scale buildup on the interior walls of your pipes. This is an economical and eco-conscious option that can tackle your plumbing issues with minimal risk to your system.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting is done by a professional plumber. First, they’ll perform a detailed inspection of your plumbing system to see if there’s damage and if your pipes can withstand the force of pressurized water. Then, the plumber will determine the best drain to start the hydro jetting, place a hose inside, and pump water through the system. The high pressure of the water will scour the interior pipe walls and remove the buildup and scale to flush it into the sewer system.

If you’re tempted to do this yourself, remember that the pressure is higher than a standard hose. You could significantly damage your pipes or break them apart if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s important to call a professional plumber.

Is Hydro Jetting Different from Snaking?

Drain snaking is a common go-to for homeowners to correct household clogs. You can get a drain snake for low cost at hardware or home improvement stores, and it’s fairly easy to use. Drain snakes have a cable with an electric motor and blades that push and pull, drawing out a clog to clear your drain.

This is only an option for shallow clogs that happen ahead of the P-trap, however, which is a curved section of pipe that prevents sewer gasses from coming back up and into your home. For deeper clogs or scale buildup, hydro jetting is the better option to flush out your system and correct your slow drain or clog.

Is Hydro Jetting Safe?

When performed by a professional, hydro jetting is a safe and effective way to clear your plumbing system. Even if you have older pipes, hydro jetting can be adjusted to clean them effectively without causing damage. There’s no metal or sharp tool involved, reducing the risk to your pipes.

When Would I Need Hydro Jetting?

Here are some signs that you may need hydro jetting:

Frequent Backups (Even After Snaking)

If you have frequent clogs and backups that aren’t fixed with drain snaking, drain cleaners, or other methods, hydro jetting may be the solution. Drain cleaners are great in a pinch, but they contain corrosive chemicals that can damage your pipes over time, not to mention that they’re not ideal for correcting a deep clog or significant scale buildup.

Sewage Smell or Backup

If you have a sewage smell or backup in your home, it could be caused by any number of problems. Sewer backup may be caused by an empty P-trap, which allows sewer gasses to travel back up through the pipes.

This feature isn’t just to keep your home smelling pretty. Sewer gasses can pose a health risk, so it’s important to address backup quickly with the help of a professional plumber. Other signs of possible backup include water spots or dampness, which may lead to water damage or mold.

Slow Drains

Having a slow drain is annoying and messy, but most homeowners leave them until they become a full clog. Using drain cleaners may help temporarily, but it often leads to deeper issues in the future. You could also damage your pipes if you’re relying on drain cleaners to fix your recurrent slow drain.

Even if your slow drain isn’t a problem yet, you could end up with a bigger clog and a more expensive repair bill in the future. Hydro jetting is an excellent option to flush out the clog and remove the scale on your pipes’ walls.

Fixtures Backing Up into Other Drains

When you flush your toilet, do you have water backup in the shower or tub? This could be a sign of blocked sewer lines or a clog that occurred in the shared drain between the shower and toilet.

Try plunging the toilet to see if the backup stops. If it doesn’t, you could be dealing with a deep clog or buildup in the pipes. Hydro jetting is an all-in-one solution to remove the clog and prevent further backup.

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