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Is It Safe to Drink Hard Water?


Hard water has been described as tasting like dirt or leaving a metallic after taste. While not the most appetizing descriptors, it is perfectly safe to drink. Here we’ll discuss how hard water forms, why it’s seen as a problem, and how it potentially affects your plumbing system.

What is hard water?

Hard water is mostly found in groundwater supplies since its water that travels over and through the ground. Water is a great solvent which means it easily pulls minerals from the ground and rocks as it travels. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals found in hard water, but it also has increased amounts of brass, copper, and iron.

Most of these minerals harden as they’re deposited, giving hard water its name. Hard water is measured by how many calcium carbonate grains are in every gallon of water (gpg) and falls into one of five ranges:

Why do people see hard water as a problem?

Generally, it makes cleaning yourself and your home a battle of futility. And it can cause unwanted breakdowns in appliances that use water.

Drinking Hard Water Actually Has Some Health Benefits

While the cosmetic issues related to hard water are a nuisance at best, there’s a growing body of medical evidence displaying the health benefits of drinking hard water.

The Only Thing Hard Water Hurts are Your Pipes (Potentially)

While hard water can be linked to better overall health for you, it can do a number on your pipes and plumbing system. Mineral deposits and limescale are the biggest issue and lead to problems such as:

Can I Use Drain Cleaner to Get Rid of Hard Water Build-Up?

Yes, but drain cleaners don’t do anything to stop the mineral deposits from returning. You’ll have a clear drain for a while, but that’s it. If you do use these common products, never use them in a water line as the toxic ingredients can poison anyone who drinks the water. 

Since hard water is a fact of life for millions of people, regular plumbing maintenance is one of the best ways to handle the situation. A trained plumber may flush the pipes and appliances, such as the water heater once a year to remove mineral deposits and limescale. Another option is installing a water softening system in your home.

Hard water isn’t the most refreshing thing in the world to drink, but it does have several health benefits. Have hard water or plumbing questions? Call Proskill today.

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