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Reasons Why Your Water Pressure May Be Low

Have you been noticing decreased water pressure when you turn on your kitchen faucet? Or maybe you’ve gone to water the grass, but it’s taking twice as long as it should. Both of these things can be a sign of low water pressure.

Low water pressure can be a very inconvenient issue in your home and can be caused by many different reasons. So whether you’re struggling with a kitchen faucet that only drips or a hose that doesn’t want to spray, there are a few possible solutions.

Low Water Pressure Signs

Below are some signs of what to look for if you feel you are experiencing low water pressure.

How Do You Measure Water Pressure?

Pounds per square inch or PSI is the unit that is used to measure water pressure. Low water pressure occurs when the PSI is too low to pump water into your home properly. This can also cause appliances to work harder and cause damage.

Making sure that your water pressure is not too low and not too high is critical. High water pressure can cause leaks and pipes to burst, making for a costly repair.

Can I Measure The Water Pressure Myself?

You can easily measure your home’s water pressure to determine if you’re experiencing low water pressure. Take a quick trip to your local hardware store and follow the steps below to find out how.

Pick up a water pressure gauge from a hardware store and ensure that all running water sources in your home have been turned off. Place and seal your water pressure gauge to an outside faucet and turn the water up all the way.

The gauge will give you a reading that should be between 40 and 60 PSI. If your water pressure is below 40 PSI, additional investigating needs to be completed to find out why.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Some causes are suitable for a DIY fix, while others will need help from a licensed plumber. Here we will share with you the most common causes of low water pressure and how to solve them.

Rusted Water Pipes

Over time metal water pipes can become corroded. This is because metal interacts with water and oxygen, which can form rust and corrosion. If this is the case, it is best to get them replaced by a licensed professional.

Faulty Main Water Valve

A water valve determines how much pressure your home receives from the local supplier. Make sure that your main water valve is open all the way.

An Issue With The Municipal Supplier

While this is the least likely option, sometimes the cause of low water pressure is not within your own home’s system. Call your local water company and report low water pressure. If the problem is on their side, they may be able to resolve it for you.


Check for a leak in your system by turning off all the water in your home and checking your water usage in roughly one hour. If your meter shows that you are still using water, you probably have a leak in your water pipes. A licensed plumber can help find and repair the leak and restore your water pressure to a normal level.

Problem with the water pressure regulator

A water pressure regulator is used to regulate the amount of water entering into your home’s water system. These are usually set to 50 PSI. If you notice yours is set to 50 PSI and you’re still experiencing problems with low water pressure, your regulator may be faulty.

If your regulator is set to under 50 PSI, adjust this to the normal range. If your water pressure improves the regulator is most likely the issue. If that doesn’t fix the issue, call a licensed plumber for a replacement regulator.


Airlock is when air pockets block the pressure in your pipes. This is a very difficult fix, and it’s recommended to contact a professional plumber to resolve the issue.

Friction Loss

Water pipes can lose friction which causes lower pressure in the pipes. Friction loss is typically due to too many fittings or rough surfaces inside the water pipe. It is necessary to contact a professional to locate the issue and repair the pipes.

If you’re struggling to find the source or need help resolving the problem, contact your local Proskill Plumbers today and learn how we can help you.

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