Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Many homeowners only investigate the wellbeing of their plumbing if something goes wrong. That’s a one-way ticket to costly bills, wasted time, and severe headaches. Plumbing maintenance can help you monitor the condition of your plumbing and avoid expensive repairs in the future. Our plumbing maintenance checklist will show you which fixtures to check and what to look for to ensure your plumbing… Read more »

How to Troubleshoot a Water Heater

Your water heater works hard, constantly churning out hot water to keep your morning showers and relaxing baths enjoyable. This is often taken for granted, until you have a problem with your water heater. Suddenly you realize quite how heavy you rely on it. So, what is the solution to a faulty water heater? We have to first determine the problem by looking at the water and the heater itself. Then,… Read more »

6 Steps to Caulking Your Shower

Keeping your bathroom looking new requires ongoing bathroom maintenance throughout the year. From deep cleanings to replacing fixtures, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your bathroom. One way to get your shower looking new again is to apply a new caulk. Over time, mold and dirt build beneath the caulk, making it look dingy and dull. Updating this is fairly simple and can be done in a single afternoon.… Read more »

Easy Furnace Safety Tips

We all tend to be a bit spoiled when it comes to the comfort of our homes during the winter months. A cozy and warm living room is something we expect on cold days. That being said, your furnace – when working properly – plays a major role in the overall health and safety of your home. From keeping the home warm to providing clean air quality, your furnace needs the right attention and care throughout… Read more »

Protect Children in Your Home with These HVAC Safety Tips

Your HVAC system typically minds its own business…but when children are nearby, they may find it to be a new and exciting place to climb or play. That’s bad news! This type of activity can be extremely dangerous, due to the complex components of the HVAC system. As a homeowner – and a parent – it’s important to keep children protected from the possible dangers of the HVAC system in your home. Fortunately,… Read more »

Your How-To Guide for Troubleshooting Your Furnace

Furnace repairs are understandably a source of aggravation for many homeowners. However, there are many simple solutions for common furnace issues that are sure to reduce your frustration. Continue reading for our top furnace repair solutions. The Blower is Continuously Running Is your furnace blower running? You better go catch it! In all seriousness, the remedy is quite simple. First, ensure that… Read more »

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

Maybe you’ve gotten a little overzealous with the toilet paper, or you flushed something down your toilet that definitely didn’t belong there in the first place. Either way, you have a clog-sized problem in your life that you simply don’t need right now. You go to the cabinet to check for a plunger, and you don’t know where you put the darn thing! How can you possibly unclog this toilet without making… Read more »

Types of Pipes Used in Home Plumbing

It may seem a little odd to the layman or novice, but the type of pipe you install in your home is very dependent on the task it's used for. For example, if a pipe is responsible for supplying water to the kitchen, it takes a different pipe than one that brings the waste from the toilet to the sewage system outside. Professionals can always be consulted to answer your questions about piping within… Read more »

Why is the Furnace Running, but There’s No Heat?

When all is well with your home’s furnace, it can maintain a comfortable and cozy temperature within your home. In fact, you may not even hear it running in the background when there are no issues. While your furnace is built for a long, efficient lifespan, homeowners may experience inevitable furnace mishaps. For example, have you ever turned on your furnace only to feel no heat? If so, read along… Read more »

The Surprising Reason Why Every Home Needs More Than One Plunger

When it comes to the hands-on plumbing maintenance in your home, two plungers are always better than one. Did you know that different clogs in different areas–sink vs. toilet, for example–call for different types of plungers? If you are going to tackle a clogged drain on your own, having one of each in the house is best. This way, you are always prepared for any plumbing emergency that could arise… Read more »

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