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How to Take Advantage of New Federal Heat Pump Rebates

If you want to move towards a more energy-efficient , we have some good news for you. From January 2023, two new federal tax credits or rebates savings incentives mean upgrading to a greener heat pump cooling and heating system is easier than ever. The Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit and the High Efficiency-Electric Home Rebate Program (both parts of the Inflation Reduction Act that came… Read more »

How to Prevent Hair Drain Clogs

If you’ve got hair, chances are you’ve experienced at least one hair drain clog: One second you’re having a refreshing shower, and the next, you’re standing in murky water. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience. Not to mention the weird smell that begins cropping up… While hair clogs are annoying, there are several ways to prevent and fix these matted messes before they ruin your day. Let’s learn… Read more »

Go Green and Save The Environment With These Simple Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

The US is top of the list when it comes to water consumption. The average American household uses up to 140 gallons of water a day. And a lot of that water goes to waste, on average around 1.7 trillion gallons annually – not good for the environment. However, you can bring about change, starting with your system. The simplest of changes can make a big difference to your water consumption. Even better,… Read more »

How Does an Air Conditioner Actually Work?

When summer heat sets in, it's essential to have an unit that keeps your home cool and comfortable. But do you know how these powerful machines work? Let’s break down the basics of AC units so you can maximize their efficiency and keep your space cooler than ever. Air Conditioner Background History For over a century, people have been finding new and innovative ways to stay cool. The journey started… Read more »

How to Change Thermostat Batteries

Everyone wishes batteries could last forever. But they don't — especially HVAC thermostat batteries. How often they need to be replaced or charged depends on several factors. But not changing or charging when needed creates more issues than switching the batteries. Here we'll share how you can tell when the batteries are low, how to change them, and what happens if you ignore the low battery messages. How… Read more »

What is Refrigerant and Why is it in Air Conditioners?

Most homes and businesses rely on air conditioning to provide cool comfort indoors when the temperature outside rises. And by extension, they depend on the AC refrigerant flowing inside the system. Here we’ll go over what refrigerant is, common types used in air conditioners, how refrigerant works, and signs you may have a leak. What is Refrigerant? Refrigerant is the chemical inside your air conditioner… Read more »

Don't Forget Your Drain During Spring Cleaning

Spring is near, and so is the time to clean! While you pull brooms, mops, and dustpans from the closets, remember to add drain cleaning to your list. Here we’ll talk about why you should spring clean the drains, five household drains to focus on, and how to clean them with household items. Why Should Spring Cleaning Involve Drains? A busy holiday season and cozy winter days eventually lead into warmer… Read more »

Reasons Your AC Stopped Working Over Winter

We’re not ready for the AC season yet, but it’s just around the corner. Sometimes older ACs don’t work as expected when they haven’t operated in a while, such as after the winter. We’ll explore eight possible reasons and how you can prepare your air conditioner for the spring and summer seasons. 8 Reasons Your AC Doesn’t Work After Winter 1. Tripped breaker or blown fuse Generally, the AC circuit… Read more »

My Water Heater is Getting too Hot

When your hot water is too hot, it can cause harm in seconds or potentially break the water heater. We’ll discuss common reasons for the sudden temperature increase and how to change the thermostat on different water heaters. Reasons your water heater is getting too hot Broken Thermostat A water heater works the same as a heating and cooling system. Without the thermostat telling the heating element… Read more »

Is It Safe to Drink Hard Water?

  Hard water has been described as tasting like dirt or leaving a metallic after taste. While not the most appetizing descriptors, it is perfectly safe to drink. Here we’ll discuss how hard water forms, why it’s seen as a problem, and how it potentially affects your plumbing system. What is hard water? Hard water is mostly found in groundwater supplies since its water that travels over and through… Read more »

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