ProSkill’s Members Club

If you already trust us, you can save even more money.

We’ve just launched our New Members Club! Being a part of our membership is a POWERFUL tool in helping to maintain your home and comfort. As a member, you have the option to utilize any one of the following ‘A La Carte’ services as your membership buy in. You are only paying for the service you are already utilizing from ProSkill. However, now the service, one or all, are billed annually automatically… Read more »

Despite APS changes Super Cooling Still Works

Adjust your thermostat. Cooler and cheaper.

Did your APS bill nearly give you a heart attack? Want to save money on future bills? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. If you have ever dieted, you know that you will never get your desired results unless you make a full dedication. There is no such thing as “trying” a diet, if you actually want to see results. Often, a lifestyle change is involved, as one must change their habits… Read more »

Preventive Replacement

Joe vs Bob

    What's the Difference?   Let’s first look at the lifetime costs of an AC unit: 1. New A/C System Equipment and A/C Installation Cost 2. A/C Maintenance and A/C Repair 3. Energy cost to run the A/C System The energy cost to run an AC unit in Arizona is often the greatest cost for a system over it’s lifetime. Luckily the Department of Energy has gathered the data and created the formulas… Read more »

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