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    Do you currently have a water treatment loop?

    Not Sure? If you currently have a water softener, you already have a water treatment loop. more help ›

    What is a water treatment loop?

    A Water Treatment Loop is the intended location where a whole home water filter or softener is installed. Traditionally the loop is found in the garage or a mechanical closet. It will consist of a water return, water supply, drain line and electrical outlet. If the loop has nothing connected it will look like a pipe that comes out of the wall turns and goes back in to the wall. The drain line will traditionally be a ½ inch copper pipe simply stubbed out wall near the water supply and return line. Still not sure? Call us today and we can set up a free on site estimate or phone consultation

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    If you'd like to have your new Water Treatment System installed or if you have questions about some of the choices you made, we can help. Fill out the form below and we can verify the system is exactly right for your comfort needs. You already know the price, let us know how we can help make you super comfortable.


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Costs Vary

The cost to add a water treatment loop varies. An on site estimate is needed to establish the extra cost of the loop that is not included in the online pricing.

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